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Part Number: 00188104

This is a 00188104 BOSCH DISHWASHER POLYSTYRENE FLOAT replacement Other Items for Bosch Dishwashers. Statewide Appliance Spares can supply you with a range of appliance spare parts to suit your Bosch Dishwasher.

Ensure your appliance is working at its best with a replacement 00188104 BOSCH DISHWASHER POLYSTYRENE FLOAT from Statewide Appliance Spares. We offer competitive pricing and fast, Australia wide delivery to make buying spare parts easier.

  • Part: 00188104
  • Brand: Bosch
  • Replacement: Other Items for Dishwashers
AUITS THE FOLLOWING BOSCH MODELS; SGI43A72GB/01, SGI43A72GB/07, SGI43A72GB/08, SGI43A75GB/01, SGI43A75GB/07, SGI43A75GB/08, SGI43A76GB/01, SGI43A76GB/07, SGI43A76GB/08, SGI43E02GB/16, SGI43E05GB/16, SGI43E06GB/16, SGI45E12GB/22, SGI45E12GB/23, SGI45E12GB/26, SGI45E12GB/28, SGI45E12GB/29, SGI45E12GB/30, SGI45E12GB/31, SGI45E12UK/06, SGI45E12UK/09, SGI45E12UK/10, SGI45E12UK/14, SGI45E15GB/21, SGI45E15GB/22, SGI45E15GB/23, SGI45E15GB/25, SGI45E15GB/26, SGI45E15GB/28, SGI45E15GB/29, SGI45E15GB/30, SGI45E15GB/31, SGI45E15UK/06, SGI45E15UK/09, SGI45E15UK/10, SGI45E15UK/14, SGI45E16GB/22, SGI45E16GB/23, SGI45E16GB/26, SGI45E16GB/28, SGI45E16GB/29, SGI45E16GB/30, SGI45E16GB/31, SGI45E16UK/06, SGI45E16UK/09, SGI45E16UK/10, SGI45E16UK/14, SGS33E22EU/01, SGS33E22EU/02, SGS33E22EU/09, SGS33E22EU/16, SGS43A22GB/01, SGS43A22GB/04, SGS43A22UK/01, SGS43A32GB/01, SGS43A32GB/04, SGS43A32UK/01, SGS43A42GB/01, SGS43A42GB/04, SGS43A42UK/01, SGS43A72EU/01, SGS43C12GB/14, SGS43C12GB/15, SGS43C12GB/16, SGS43C12GB/17, SGS43C12GB/19, SGS43C12GB/20, SGS43E18EU/02, SGS43E18EU/09, SGS43E18EU/16, SGS43E42EU/16, SGS43E42EU/21, SGS43E42EU/22, SGS43E42EU/25, SGS43E42EU/26, SGS43E42EU/31, SGS43E42EU/33, SGS43E42EU/34, SGS43E42EU/36, SGS43E42EU/37, SGS43T02GB/01, SGS43T02GB/06, SGS43T02GB/07, SGS43T02GB/08, SGS43T12GB/01, SGS43T12GB/06, SGS43T12GB/07, SGS43T12GB/08, SGS43T22GB/01, SGS43T22GB/07, SGS43T22GB/08, SGS43T32GB/37, SGS43T42GB/37, SGS43T52GB/16, SGS43T52GB/17, SGS43T52GB/21, SGS43T52GB/22, SGS43T58GB/21, SGS43T72GB/02, SGS43T72GB/04, SGS43T72GB/05, SGS43T72GB/06, SGS43T72GB/09, SGS43T72GB/10, SGS43T72GB/11, SGS43T72GB/13, SGS43T72GB/14, SGS43T72GB/16, SGS43T72UK/26, SGS43T72UK/30, SGS43T72UK/31, SGS43T82GB/33, SGS43T82GB/36, SGS43T82GB/37, SGS43T92GB/36, SGS43T92GB/37, SGS44T12GB/11, SGS44T12GB/13, SGS44T12GB/14, SGS44T12GB/16, SGS45A02GB/36, SGS45A02GB/39, SGS45A08GB/36, SGS45C02GB/02, SGS45C02GB/04, SGS45C02GB/05, SGS45C02GB/06, SGS45C02GB/09, SGS45C02GB/10, SGS45C02GB/11, SGS45C02GB/14, SGS45C02GB/16, SGS45C08GB/04, SGS45C08GB/05, SGS45C08GB/06, SGS45C08GB/09, SGS45C08GB/10, SGS45C08GB/11, SGS45C08GB/14, SGS45C08GB/16, SGS45C12GB/14, SGS45C12GB/16, SGS45C22GB/37, SGS53A12GB/01, SGS53A12GB/04, SGS53C02GB/15, SGS53C02GB/16, SGS53C02GB/20, SGS53C12GB/21, SGS53C12GB/22, SGS53C12UK/01, SGS53T02GB/01, SGS53T02GB/06, SGS53T02GB/07, SGS53T02GB/08, SGS55E92EU/26, SGS55E92EU/31, SGS55E92EU/33, SGS55E92EU/34, SGS55E92EU/36, SGS55E92EU/37, SGS57A02GB/36, SGV43A23GB/11, SGV43E03GB/08, SGV43E03GB/16, SGV43E03GB/19, SGV43E03GB/21, SGV43E03GB/22, SGV43E03GB/23, SGV43E03GB/26, SGV43E03GB/28, SGV43E03GB/29, SGV43E03GB/30, SGV43E03GB/31, SGV43E03UK/06, SGV43E03UK/09, SGV46M03GB/31, SGV46M03GB/33, SGV46M03GB/36, SGV46M13GB/10, SGV53E33GB/06, SGV53E33GB/09, SGV53E33GB/10, SGV53E43GB/37
Buy with confidence anywhere in Australia as we are a BOSCH Authorised Spare Parts Distributor

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