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Hitachi Spare Parts

Hitachi spare parts

Shop for Hitachi spare parts from Statewide Appliance Spares. We offer the biggest range of appliance spare parts in Australia.

We ensure our most popular Hitachi parts are always in stock -  remote controls, elements, filters, fans, valves, seals, PCB’smotors and Read more...

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Hitachi spare parts

Hitachi Spare Parts

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Hitachi Spare Parts

Shop for Hitachi fridges & freezers spare parts here. We ensure our most popular Hitachi fridge and freezer spare parts are always in stock – including thermostats, door gaskets, shelves, globes, PCB’s, hinges and drawers.

Looking for Hitachi washing machine spare parts? Our extensive range includes filters, valves and pumps.

Shop for Hitachi Television spare parts here.