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Speed Queen Kerrick
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*SPECIAL PRICING* COMMON GLOBE WHICH SUITS MANY LG MODELS; GC-L197NIS - GC-L207TTQA, GN-205VW - GN-V232SA, GN-234VW - GN-V262SCA, GN-253VW - GN-V292SCA, GN-315FW - GN-B352YC, GN-346FS - GN-B392YSCA, GN-346FW - GN-B392YC, GN-B392CLC, GN-R315FW - GN-M352YCA, GN-R315FW - GN-M352YQ, GN-R346FS - GN-M392YSCA, GN-R346FW - GN-M392YQ, GR-242MF, GR-262SQ, GR-262SQA, GR-282MF, GR-282S, GR-282SF, GR-292SQ, GR-292SQA, GR-392SF, GR-392SSF - GR-392SF, GR-D267DTU, GR-G267TV - GR-G267ATBA, GR-L197NIS - GR-L207TTQA, GR-L197QQA, GR-L197QTQA, GR-L197VS - GR-L197QQA, GR-L207DVUA, GR-L207EQ, GR-L207NI - GR-L207DTUA, GR-L207NSUA, GR-L207TQA, GR-L207TTQA, GR-L207WV - GR-L207DVUA, GR-L247EQ, GR-L247NSS - GR-L247QTFA, GR-L247STB - GR-L247QTQA, GR-L247TQ, GR-L247WH - GR-L247DVUA, GR-L247WSS - GR-L247QVFA, GR-L247WV - GR-L247FVBA, GR-L257NI - GR-L257BTBA, GR-L267NI - GR-L267ATBA, GR-L267NIS - GR-L267BTBA, GR-P197NIS - GR-P207TTJA, GR-P197QJA, GR-P197QTJA, GR-P197WVS - GR-P207TJA, GR-P207DTUA, GR-P207DVUA, GR-P207EQ, GR-P207TJA, GR-P207TTJA, GR-P247EQ, GR-T542G, GR-T712DVQ - GR-712DVQF, GN-303SFA - GN-332SA, GN-422FS - GN-B492YSCA, GN-422FW - GN-B492YCA, GN-466FW - GN-B562YCA, GN-B492CC, GN-B602YC, GN-R422FS - GN-M492YSCA, GN-R422FW - GN-M492YQA, GN-R466FS - GN-M562YSQA, GN-R466FT - GN-M562YTQA, GN-R466FW - GN-M562YQA, GN-R491FW - GN-M602YQA, GN-S303GCA - GN-S352GC, GN-S339GCA - GN-S392GC, GN-S339GTA - GN-S392GTC, GN-S402GCA - GN-S462GC, GN-W422FW - GN-B492CDA, GR-332SF, GR-332SFA, GR-349SQF, GR-349STQ, GR-372SF, GR-372SFA, GR-389STQ, GR-559FSDR - GR-B652YSPK, GR-559FTD - GR-B652YTPA, GR-559FWD - GR-B652YPA, GR-559FWDR - GR-B652YPK, GR-559JPA - GR-652JPA, GR-642AP - GR-642AVP, GR-642APA - GR-642AVPA, GR-B652YSP, GR-R579JQA - GR-R652JQA, GR-R579JTA - GR-R652JTQA, GR-S352GC, GR-S352GCA, GR-S392GC, GR-S392GCA, GR-S392GT - GR-S392GTC, GR-S392GTA - GR-S392GTCA, GR-S392QTC, GR-S642AQ - GR-S642AVQ, GR-S642AQA - GR-S642AVQA, GR-S642AT - GR-S642ATQ, GR-S642ATA - GR-S642ATQA, GR-S702AQ - GR-S702AVQ, GR-T382G, GR-391SCA - GR-432SCA, GR-431SCA - GR-482SCA, GR-432SF, GR-432SFA, GR-482SF, GR-482SFA, GR-572TF, GR-602TVF, GR-602TVPF, GR-R422JCA - GR-R472JQA, GR-R463JCA - GR-R522JQA, GR-R466JTA - GR-R562JTQA, GR-R491JCA - GR-R602JQA, GR-R491JTA - GR-R602JTQA, GR-S462GC, GR-S462GCA, GR-S512GC, GR-S512GCA, GR-S552GT - GR-S552GTC, GR-S552GTA - GR-S552GTCA, GR-S592GC, GR-S592GCA, GR-S592GT - GR-S592GTC, GR-S592GTA - GR-S592GTCA, GR-T452G, GR-T502G, GR-T542GT, GR-T582GS - GR-T582G, GR-T632DVQ, GR-T692DVQ, GN-205SQA - GN-U232S, GN-234CW - GN-U262SC, GN-234SQA - GN-262SC, GN-253CW - GN-U292SC, GN-253SQA - GN-292SC **May be known by other part numbers including: 1596923, 1596923, 705280, 1596503, 705320, 714280, 1682696, 6912JB2001C, 6912JB2002E, J791-00010A, 6912JB2001M, 6912JB2002J, 6912JB2002L **SPECS; 15W 240VAC 0.06A 80LM 0LUX CLEAR ** PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A STOCK ITEM AND CAN SUNSTITUTE FOR P/N 6912JB2001C FRIDGE LIGHT GLOBE 20W** **GENUINE LG PART 6912JB2002F

Height: 25mm
Width: 60mm
Depth: 25mm
Weight: 0.02kg
$8.95 inc. GST
Price Breaks
Stock item - This product is usually held in stock, and normally ships within 24 hours of your order.

GC-L197NIS,    GN-205VW,    GN-234CW,    GN-234SQA,    GN-234VW,    GN-253CW,    GN-253SQA,    GN-253VW,    GN-303SFA,    GN-315FW,    GN-346FS,    GN-346FW,    GN-422FS,    GN-422FW,    GN-466FW,    GN-B392CLC,    GN-B492CC,    GN-B602YC,    GN-R315FW,    GN-R346FS,    GN-R346FW,    GN-R422FS,    GN-R422FW,    GN-R466FS,    GN-R466FT,    GN-R466FW,    GN-R491FT,    GN-R491FW,    GN-S303GCA,    GN-S339GCA,    GN-S339GTA,    GN-S402GCA,    GN-W422FW,    GR-131S,    GR-151S,    GR-151SF,    GR-181S,    GR-182SF,    GR-242MF,    GR-242S,    GR-242SF,    GR-262SQ,    GR-262SQA,    GR-267EHF,    GR-272SF,    GR-272SSF,    GR-282MF,    GR-282S,    GR-282SF,    GR-292SQ,    GR-292SQA,    GR-298STQ,    GR-332SF,    GR-349SQF,    GR-349STQ,    GR-362SF,    GR-372SF,    GR-372SFA,    GR-389STQ,    GR-391SCA,    GR-392SF,    GR-392SSF,    GR-403SSF,    GR-412SF,    GR-431SCA,    GR-432SF,    GR-432SFA,    GR-482BEF,    GR-482SF,    GR-482SFA,    GR-532S,    GR-559FSDR,    GR-559FTD,    GR-559FWD,    GR-559FWDR,    GR-559JPA,    GR-582WF,    GR-642AP,    GR-642APA,    GR-B652YSP,    GR-D267DTU,    GR-G267TV,    GR-L197NIS,    GR-L197VS,    GR-L207DVUA,    GR-L207EQ,    GR-L207NI,    GR-L207NSUA,    GR-L207WV,    GR-L247EQ,    GR-L247NSS,    GR-L247STB,    GR-L247TQ,    GR-L247WH,    GR-L247WSS,    GR-L247WV,    GR-L257NI,    GR-L267NI,    GR-L267NIS,    GR-P197NIS,    GR-P197QJA,    GR-P197QTJA,    GR-P197WVS,    GR-P207DTUA,    GR-P207DVUA,    GR-P207EQ,    GR-P247EQ,    GR-R422JCA,    GR-R463JCA,    GR-R579JQA,    GR-R579JTA,    GR-S352GC,    GR-S352GCA,    GR-S392GC,    GR-S392GCA,    GR-S392GT,    GR-S392GTA,    GR-S392QTC,    GR-S462GC,    GR-S462GCA,    GR-S512GC,    GR-S512GCA,    GR-S642AQ,    GR-S642AQA,    GR-S642AT,    GR-S642ATA,    GR-S702AQ,    GR-T382G,    GR-T382S,    GR-T452G,    GR-T452X,    GR-T502G,    GR-T542G,    GR-T712DVQ,   
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There is no substitute part available however if you would like to contact us quoting this part number we may be able to offer an alternative solution.