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Fisher & Paykel water filters

Enjoy safe, clean and freshly filtered drinking water with Fisher & Paykel fridge water filters. Fisher & Paykel fridge water filters are designed to remove chemicals and contaminants from your drinking water.

At Statewide Appliance Spares, our most popular Fisher & Paykel fridge filters are available with fast Australia wide delivery.  We recommend a replacement Fisher & Paykel filter every six months for optimal water, drinkability and flow. A regular fridge water filter replacement will ensure your water and ice cubes taste great.

Why use Fisher & Paykel water filters?

  • High quality replacement filters
  • Removes chemicals and contaminants
  • Designed to fit your Fisher & Paykel refrigerator
  • Improved filtration performance
  • Easy installation

Order your Fisher & Paykel fridge water filters and save:

  • $11.00 flat rate shipping Australia wide (up to 8 filters)
  • Bulk buy discounts

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Why replace your water filter

Fisher & Paykel recommends changing your fridge water filter every 6 months. For models with a water filter indicator, a filter indicator light operates on a timer and will turn on after 6 months as a reminder. Smart fridges may have a touchscreen panel with a reminder. For models where the indicator is always lit, it will turn red after 6 months.

Most modern filtration systems use carbon, charcoal or a blend of filter components to trap impurities such as iron, particles, chlorine, microorganisms and human-generated chemicals and keep them out of your drinking water. If you use your filter past the 6 month mark, it will fail to filter out contaminants and other debris. If minerals and bacteria make it past the filter, you will notice your refrigerator water and ice cubes taste bad. A clogged filter can lead to other problems including low ice production and reduced water pressure from the dispenser.

Fisher & Paykel fridge water filters:

  • Are specifically designed for Fisher & Paykel fridges
  • Are NSF internationally certified to meet standards for chlorine, taste and odour reduction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do unused filters expire?

No. Unused filters have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are kept dry.

How often should I replace my water filter?

  • Fisher & Paykel water filters should be replaced every 6 months (or sooner), depending on how often you use the water from your refrigerator. Some models have a filter change alert which indicates when it’s time to replace your filter
  • Water hardness, water quality and how often you use the water dispenser and ice maker can also impact the time taken between water filter changes
  • If the water flow is slower than normal, there may be a build-up in the water filter. This could signal it is time for a change
  • There is an unpleasant odour or a funny taste

I just changed my fridge water filter and the water tastes strange. Why?

Since refrigerator water filters are made of carbon, some residue may initially be present and cause an odd, bitter taste. We recommend allowing the water dispenser to run and discarding the first three litres or so of water.

How do I find the right Fisher & Paykel fridge water filter for my fridge?

To find the right water filter for your fridge, you will need to check your refrigerator model number. If you unsure where your model number is located, you can find it via our handy guide. You can then search by brand, model number and appliance type (fridges & freezers) on our website. Alternatively you can give our friendly customer service team a call on Free Call 1800 005 220 who can happily assist and find you the right water filter for your fridge.