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Statewide Appliance Spares Blog

How to change oven elements: A step by step guide

Quite often, our ovens are one of the hardest working appliances in our home. So, if you are noticing that your food is taking a little longer to cook or that it is cooking unevenly, it could be a sign that some heating elements in your oven may need to be replaced. Knowing how to change oven elements is easy and can be completed in a few simple st

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Repair or replace your home appliances?

Your home appliances are your most used and hardworking items in your home. Appliances such as your fridge, oven and washing machine are often subject to daily use. The general lifespan of an appliance can vary anywhere between 5-15 years. Like most things, they will go through normal wear and tear. The lifespan of an appliance is also dependent on

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A simple & easy guide to cleaning gas stove burners

Home cooks, food enthusiasts and chefs often prefer cooking with gas. Gas cooktops offer ease and convenience, allowing for greater temperature control and precision. As with all appliances, keeping your cooktop clean is essential – especially wiping up spills and cleaning as you go. Sometimes you need to tackle a deeper clean to rid your cook

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