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Miele vacuum bags & filters

Shop for Miele Vacuum Bags at Statewide Appliance Spares. Statewide offer genuine Miele GN & Miele FJM dustbags that are perfectly designed to fit your Miele Vacuum Cleaner.

Miele Vacuum Bags feature:

  • AirClean filter system that filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles

  • Active HEPA filter. The HEPA AirClean Filter filters even fine dust and allergens – ideal for those with house dust allergies.

  • Active AirClean filters that help to neutralise unpleasant odours – ideal for pet owners or households with smokers.

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Miele Vacuum Bags & Filters

Why choose genuine MIELE vacuum cleaner dustbags:

  • Miele bags offer the perfect fit for your vacuum. You can recognise the right original HyClean dustbag by the colour-matched key-lock principle.

  • First class suction power. Miele HyClean dustbag remains permeable to air even as it becomes fuller. The appliance will indicate when the dust bag is full or the exhaust filter is saturated. After replacing the filter, you can enjoy the same level of suction power, cleaning performance and hygiene, as you did when you first used it.

  • 25% more vacuuming with one bag. Original Miele dustbags retain an especially large amount of fine dust. Dust diffusers distribute the vacuumed dust evenly within the dustbag so that the full capacity is used. That means you will use 1/4 fewer dustbags if you use Original Miele dustbags.

  • Dust-free hygienic dustbag replacement. When the vacuum cleaner is opened, the original Miele HyClean dustbag's collar closes automatically and locks in the vacuumed dust for good.

Shop for our selection of MIELE vacuum bags at Statewide Appliance Spares. We ensure our most popular MIELE vacuum bags are always in stock and offer the best prices, with fast, Australia wide delivery.