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Samsung fridge water filters


Samsung fridge water filters are conveniently available at Statewide Appliance Spares with fast delivery Australia wide. Eco Aqua fridge water filters are designed to fit your Samsung fridge and offer guaranteed filtration performance and are NSF certified. Statewide offers bulk buy discounts and flat rate shipping. Take advantage of the savings so that you will always have a Samsung fridge water filter on hand.

To ensure great tasting, fresh filtered water you will need to replace your Samsung filter every six months. An Eco Aqua for Samsung fridge water filter will filter out contaminants and impurities such as iron, particles, chlorine and chemicals and will maintain the quality of your ice and water. Replacing your fridge water filter is quick and simple. Check out our blog where we show you how to easily replace your Samsung fridge water filter for your Samsung refrigerator in just a few simple steps.

Eco Aqua for Samsung fridge water filters offer:

  • High quality replacement water filter cartridge for authenticity and performance
  • Correct filter design for your fridge model
  • Guaranteed filtration performance
  • Easy installation

Order your Samsung fridge water filters and save:

  • $11.00 flat rate shipping Australia wide (up to 8 filters)
  • Bulk buy discounts

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Search by fridge model number to find your fridge filter(s)

Why replace your fridge water filter?

  1. Samsung recommends changing your fridge water filter every 6 months.
  2. For models with a water filter indicator, a filter indicator light operates on a timer and will turn on after 6 months as a reminder. Smart fridges may have a touchscreen panel with a reminder. For models where the indicator is always lit, it will turn red after 6 months.

How to change your Samsung fridge water filter

  1. First, identify the right fridge water filter for your Samsung fridge. You can do this by locating the filter in your fridge. Then search on our website with your part number.
  2. Follow our easy installation guide for your Samsung fridge water filter replacement.

Changing your Samsung fridge water filter is easy

  1. Purchase your replacement Samsung fridge water filter from Statewide Appliance Spares
  2. For all external filters, turn off the water supply first. Samsung fridges with internal filters have an auto shut off valve, so you don’t need to shut the water off to replace the filter.
  3. Next, dispense water until it no longer comes out of the dispenser.
  4. Turn the filter counter-clockwise while gently pulling it out (or down) to remove it.
  5. Install the new Samsung water filter by pushing it in place, then turn it in a clockwise direction. Make sure the ‘lock’ icon lines up with the filter housing.
  6. Turn the water supply on and dispense some water. This will help flush out any carbon granules.
  7. Reset your filter light. To do this, you will need to find your Filter Reset button on your control panel. Just press down for 3 seconds until the light resets. The filter will operate on a timer and the reminder light will come on again in 6 months.

Why choose Samsung fridge water filters

  1. Samsung water filters, using high grade carbon block, help remove numerous substances which may be present in your water such as chlorine, microbial cysts, heavy metals & chemicals - common industrial substances with high toxicities that can infiltrate water source.
  2. Samsung water filters are tested and certified by NSF International for their reduction in certain substances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do unused filters expire?

No. Unused filters have an unlimited shelf life as long as they are kept dry.

I just changed my fridge water filter and the water tastes strange. Why?

Since refrigerator water filters are made of carbon, some residue may initially be present and cause an odd, bitter taste. We recommend allowing the water dispenser to run and discarding the first three litres or so of water.

How do I find the right Samsung fridge water filter for my fridge?

To find the right water filter for your fridge, you will need to check your refrigerator model number. If you unsure where your model number is located, you can find it via our handy guide. You can then search by brand, model number and appliance type (fridges & freezers) on our website. Alternatively you can give our friendly customer service team a call on Free Call 1800 005 220 who can happily assist and find you the right water filter for your fridge.