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Why Replace Your LG Water Filter?


Most modern filtration systems use carbon, charcoal or a blend of filter components to trap impurities and keep them out of your drinking water.

But after 6-months they accumulate too much debris as the impurities caught by the filter build up. When this happens, the filters need to be changed so the water you get from your LG fridge is pure and tastes as refreshing as ever. This is necessary because water filters trap contaminants in two key ways:

  • Some contaminants are filtered out by LG water filter mechanically, meaning that the debris is large enough to be trapped in the small pores of the filter. Eventually with mechanical filtration, the pores of the filter become clogged with debris that water cannot move through the LG replacement filter effectively.
  • Other contaminants get stuck to the surface of the LG water filter components. Eventually, the surface area of the filter components become covered and so less water contaminants are able to be filtered out.

Large debris clogging a filter is easy to spot but since the flow rate of the water being produced by the system slows it down dramatically, it's not always as easy to know when the surface area of the filter media is fully covered and needs to be changed.

Thankfully, LG fridges are designed to monitor their filters themselves and will flash an indicator light when the filters are ready to be changed.

If you leave an expired filter on unchecked you risk a host of contaminates making their way into your drinking water, including:

  • Iron
  • Particles
  • Chlorine
  • Microorganisms
  • Dissolved naturally occurring minerals
  • Human-generated chemicals
  • Radiological materials

Clean water is a basic human need. Polluted water can lead to many water-related ailments that are easily preventable.

Having an effective LG fridge filter is a great way to ensure your drinking water remains safe for you and your family to drink. 

Order your replacement LG fridge water filters from Statewide Appliance Spares today and save on the cost per filter when you order in bulk.


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